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Plummer Park is abounding generously with picnic tables and benches. Some tables are occupied in their daily chess or backgammon matches by elderly gentlemen of Eastern European descent while the benches or park walkways are filled with their female counterparts, chattering in their native tongue. The less you think this is the park of a senior people of all ages and different cultures will be represented. There’s plenty of grassy space for spreading a blanket under the sun or look for a shade. Picnicking, sunbathing, reading, taking a siesta or playing with the kids are great ways to spend the day.

Plummer Park also has a big slides and swings at their playground. A basketball court, tennis courts, and even a paleta man selling frozen delicacies. In the center of the park is a memorial to former Soviet Union veterans of World War II. The City of West Hollywood offers an array of recreational activities including art, self-improvement, group exercise and day trips. Many of those courses take place in the park’s newly renovated Community Center. Most people will know both the Community Center and the other two halls of the park as the place where they vote in local and national elections.

Plummer Park is host to the Helen Albert Certified Farmer’s Market from 9am-2pm every Monday. It’s the perfect size: not so small that no variety is present and not too big to overwhelm. In addition to great organic produce, baked goods and prepared foods, there are a number of standouts including delicious rotisserie chicken, fresh fish, a knowledgeable cheese seller and tangy smoky BBQ.



In 1874 Col. Eugenio Plummer acquired official title to 160 acres from Mrs. Francisca Perez, who in 1869 had occupied this land under the law of preemption. In 1937 the Los Angeles County purchased Plummer Park and Plummer House from Senor Plummer for $15,000. Since then, the Los Angeles Audubon Society (LAAS) has its headquarters in Plummer House and (in 1983) moved to another building in Plummer Park (Great Hall Long Hall) which was originally built in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). In May 2011, the Audubon Society was given notice to leave West Hollywood City planning to demolish the building in 2012 as part of a contentious plan to create a new park. Early 2011 was organized to save the historic Plummer Park by a group of residents called Save Plummer Park.

In 1956 the State of California designated Plummer Park and Plummer House (built in 1870 and moved to Leonis Adobe grounds in Calabasas in 1983) as a State Historic Landmark.

The park is bordered by N, between the Santa Monica Boulevard and Fountain Ave. Vista St. and N Fuller Ave. 6 blocks west of Avenida La Brea. The north parking lot has a farmers’ market every Monday morning. On the site designed by Koning Eizenberg Architects, Inc., a new community center was constructed in 2001.

This interesting landmark is located near the following amazing site in West Hollywood, California:

  • The Sunset Strip
  • Andaz West Hollywood
  • The Pacific Design Center
  • The Roxy Theatre 
  • Viper Room
  • Comedy Store
  • Sierra Towers
  • Saint Victor Catholic Church

All of these wonderful locations are located just a short distance from our location located at 8654 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood! Stop by for a visit anytime!